As part of getting to study English at University next year, I set myself the challenge of a practical criticism mini-essay every two day. Hopefully by uploading them onto here I will be more motivated to carry on with this herculean task!

The essays will mainly be on unseen poems, i.e. ones I’ve never formally studied. They will be written in approximately one hour. I write essays by hand so they’ll appear on here as and when I get round to typing them, probably a few days after writing so that the typing process gives me another oppertunity to dwell on the poems.

That’s the basic idea anyway, please enjoy them, if they are useful then I will be chuffed, and any comments or criticisms would be much appreciated.


One thought on “Hello!

  1. Unless you are attempting to sound shakespearean by saying ‘every two day’, it may be in your best interests, as you are interested in ‘getting to study English at university next year’ to change it to the more conventional ‘every two days’. If you do, however, prefer the former, may I suggest changing it to ‘every twoday’, it seems to me to have something more of the shakespearean compendium about it.

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